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Just how negligent are HS2

Author of blog: Missi Rob-Bo

This is the story of Buddy and his dad:

In May 2019, HS2 arrived on Buddy’s land. They were here initially to carry out ecological surveys and assessments. What happened next was completely avoidable.

In their infinite wisdom, the subcontractors of Fusion, Practicality Brown, decided to use metal trays in their attempt to survey the land. One of these trays was laid in the entrance to Buddy’s dad’s business, within the long undergrowth. Buddy, being a young and energetic bull breed, ran straight into this undergrowth and was injured by this metal tray. With his paw snared by the vicious tray, Buddy was in pain and his dad rushed him to the vet quickly to be treated for a gash in his paw.

A few days later Buddy’s paw appeared swollen and he became increasingly unwell. The injury had become infected and more dangerous to Buddy’s life. Forced to return to the vets, Buddy’s dad and his companion endured the physical and emotional stress of surgery and antibiotics for Buddy. Fortunately, they were able to treat him in time and save his paw though he was very unwell during this time. Not only was it touch and go to save his paw, it was also touch and go for his life. Thankfully Buddy did pull through and he remains on all four paws though one of them is badly scarred.

The impact of this injury wasn’t just that a beloved companion was injured. Buddy is also a working dog. This means he protects his Dad and protects the land on which he roams. This avoidable and tramautic injury therefore jeopardised his Dad’s safety and security. Since this location is in a very secluded location Buddy’s role is vital to the business and general safety.

Whilst Buddy was being treated, Practicality Brown replaced their metal trays with a carpeted material and assured Buddy’s dad that he would be compensated for any loss of earnings and damage. Two to three years later, and after many emails and correspondence, Buddy’s dad still has not received a penny.

What’s also interesting on the point of compensation is that due to the inability to finance his own solicitor, Buddy’s dad was appointed a solicitor by HS2. He was assured that this solicitor would be an “independent person”. This solicitor was to work on his behalf to provide legal advice in regards to land ownership and compensation. It has however come to light that this solicitor writes and edits for a railway magazine. He also works for a steam locomotive agency. To make matters even worse he is regularly unavailable and does not engage with Buddy’s dad. Though this solicitor is meant to work for Buddy’s dad he makes little to no effort to return calls or make contact. All whilst Buddy’s dad has to deal with the commotion and financial problems that are arising during the construction phase of HS2.

Not only are HS2 finanically hindering his business, they have also left him personally financially stricken by high vet bills. Moreover, after compensation was promised HS2 hired a solicitor with an evident conflict of interest to represent Buddy’s dad leaving him feeling despondent and powerless both legally and financially.

This is just one story. One landowner. How many more people face the same battles as Buddy’s dad? We need to share these stories not only to expose the truth but to bring transparency to HS2’s media greenwashing campaign. Expose the lies, the neglect and the corruption.

If HS2 or sub-contractors would like to get in contact, I will forward all information and correspondence to Buddy’s dad.

#StopHS2 #HS2Rebellion #StopTheHarm #ExposeTheLies

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