Uncovering the devastating impact of the HS2 rail project on our last remaining ancient woodlands

High Speed Two (HS2) is the new proposed rail line that is ripping through the English countryside, disrupting local communities and having a huge impact on our environment

HS2 is the most expensivewasteful and destructive project in British history!



HS2 will irreparably destroy or damage 108 ancient woodlands [1]

HS2 will never be carbon neutral during its lifetime [2]


HS2 Birmingham

HS2 will cost taxpayers £6,600 each [3]

HS2 will end up costing the government over £200bn [4]



HS2 will displace thousands of jobs and residential areas [5]

HS2 Ltd and private security companies have used violence against protesters [6]

Environmental Destruction

Check out this page for image galleries of #Ecocide by HS2.

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Why #StopHS2?

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Camp Locations

This is the latest list of protection camps. Please note they do change due to frequent evictions.

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Water Contamination

Check out this page for evidence and more information about water contamination.

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You Can Support HS2 Rebellion From Home

1. Pressure Your MP

Writing to politicians and other elected representatives about stopping HS2 has never been so urgent. Write to your MP, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Keir Starmer, the Prime Minister – storm them with what’s happening to anti-HS2 activists and demand that HS2 is stopped in it’s tracks.

MAKE YOUR LETTER PERSONAL – speak from your heart and explain how HS2 is directly affecting you. It is critical that we ensure our elected politicians are doing their jobs and representing the electorate. The tide has now turned against HS2, so make your concerns heard!

2. Spread The Message

Keep the media momentum going! Surf that wave! Public opinion regarding HS2 is shifting, and a spotlight is shining on this ecocidal project thanks to the brave actions of our activists and tree protectors.

Follow us on our socials: (FacebookInstagramTwitter,  LinkedIn and Youtube), and get talking, tweeting, retweeting, sharing our posts and livestreams. Tweet your MP, the PM, the Mayor of London, and any public personalities who have expressed their support for the campaign. Use the hashtags #StopHS2 #BattleforEuston #HS2Rebellion

3. Home Actions

Cause disruption to the companies supplying the equipment needed for the eviction. Call them up and explain why they should not be facilitating the destructive works of HS2 and the NET. Make sure to tell them that their machinery is increasing the risk of tunnel collapses and endangering activists’ lives. More details here.

Let’s apply pressure to HS2 Ltd. by contacting them (call 08081 434 434), the NET (write to info@nationalevictionteam.co.uk), the police (call 101) and the Health and Safety Executive (call 0300 790 6787, Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm).

Woods under threat from HS2

Map Credit: The Woodland Trust

HS2 Rebellion Contact Form

Who are we?

HS2 Rebellion is an alliance of groups and individuals campaigning against HS2. HS2 Rebellion does not represent the protection camps and each camp is independent from each other. The protection camps have been around for many years and were originally set up by people from local communities who were affected by HS2. HS2 Rebellion is entirely distinct from Extinction Rebellion but does form part of the Movement of Movements.

Our Demands

  • TELL THE TRUTH – UK Government & Media must tell the true financial, ecological, wildlife and health related costs of both HS2 and the Climate, Ecological and Health Emergencies, whilst enforcing all related HS2 contractors to do the same.
  • ACT NOW: STOP HS2 UK Government to stop HS2 Ltd work immediately – stopping all ecocide, wildlife crime, seizing property & land, assaulting tree protectors and destruction of irreplaceable woodlands and other ecosystems in a time of a Climate and Ecological Emergency.
  • MAKE ECOCIDE LAW – UK Government to pass, within this sitting of parliament, an Ecocide Act and to vigorously push for the crime of Ecocide to be added to the Rome Statute, making it the fifth International Crime against Peace.
  • FUTURE DEMOCRACY – UK Government and HS2 Ltd to fund an urgent Citizens Assembly to decide how to best repair all ecological and social damage done to date by HS2 Ltd, funding all regenerative projects implemented in reparation. All future infrastructure projects to be decided by citizens’ assemblies, ensuring they all meet the Paris climate agreement, are science-led and advised by leading independent NGO’s.

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