Get Involved

There are three ways you get involved:

  1. Join the camps
  2. Help from home
  3. Take action

Join the Camps

Join one of the protection camps

These protections camps provide resistance to HS2. But more importantly, they have also reduced the environmental damage being caused by HS2.

There have been a countless amount of times where contractors will clear woodland on land that doesn’t belong to HS2.

Please note: The camps were set up by people from the local communities who are being impacted by HS2. Many camps have been around for many years and are independent of each other. No camps belong to any particular organisation or campaign.

Click here for camp locations and you can find camp wishlists here too.

Please do visit the camps to see the reality of what HS2 is doing to our environment. You can visit for either a few hours or stay for months.

  • Tent, sleeping bag & sleeping bag
  • Torch / Headlamp
  • Warm clothes to suit the weather
  • Boots (It gets very wet)
  • Solar, portable battery pack
  • Water bottle
  • Climbing equipment
  • Wooden pallets
  • Warm clothes
  • Tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats
  • Blankets, duvets
  • Worktables, structures, etc.
  • Building tools

Click here for the camp crowdfunder

Please note: HS2 Rebellion is not responsible for managing this crowdfunder. The crowdfunder is managed by representatives from all camps.

Help from Home

Can you help from home?

Whilst we do need people at camps, we also need people helping to coordinate, organise, market, plan and collaborate with the protection camps, actions being organised by various other groups, and discuss strategies on how to stop HS2.

We need help with making the UK more aware of how HS2 is destroying our environment and wasting taxpayers money.

Do you have skills in the following:
– Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin)
– Blogging/writing
– WordPress (website)
– Journalism
– Press release writing
– Fundraising
– Writing newsletters
– Environmental conservation
– Ecology surveying & assessments
– Coordination skills
– Event planning
– Tech
– Art & Graphic design

Please fill out this form if you would like to join us 
You can contact us by email:

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Take Action

Take action against HS2

This means organising decentralised non-violent direct actions targeting HS2 Ltd. / DoT / Contractors / Sub-Contractors / National Eviction Team (NET) with your local group/affinity group or HS2R community.

How? – Through anyway you wish such as compound gate blocks, mass trespass, lorry surfing, machinery surfing, criminal damage, die-ins, creative performance, tree occupations, hunger strikes, tax strikes, swarming etc… you get the idea!

All actions should be applying the HS2R action agreement, well researched on the risks involved and full legal briefings communicated beforehand with all rebels. To find out more come to one of our NVDA training, check Facebook events for further details on the next online training.

Note: Please check the Covid-19 guidelines before taking action and always where a mask.


We need people willing to do outreach; that could be anything from handing out flyers at the market; to painting the streets with fly-posting; to talk with your local community on the topic; to painting a beautiful mural; to projecting messages onto buildings.


Ultimately many people still don’t know that we are in a CEE and what HS2 is, nor how much it will cost them and why it’s not environmentally friendly. We need your help to get the word out on the streets!


We are currently designing some flyers and posters you will be able to download and print out shortly. For inspiration plz read all the facts. A comprehensive list can be found on stophs2 site. (Add link)


We need creative thinkers to help stop this train before its to late!

  • Who do we need?
  • Banner/patch makers
  • Graphic designers
  • Print Blockers
  • Artists/Sculptures
  • 3D Makers/Carpenters
  • Knitters
  • Craftivists
  • Performers/Actors
  • Singers/Song writers/Poets/Musicians
  • Writers/Story tellers/Bloggers
  • Film makers/Photographers

How can you help us best?


If you have a specific idea in mind but would like to talk it through with someone first then email your idea to the actions team:


If you are self organising something and needing help with promotion/social media then please contact the press team:


Please note: We don’t sell things to raise funds nor do we endorse things being sold. We might ask for donations however in kind.

HS2 is relentless, we are in full-time rebellion with them. This means the number of peaceful protestors getting arrested continues to rise daily during actions and evictions. The nature of how HS2 Ltd are working is also very corrupt. This means every day another wildlife crime is committed, or someone is assaulted. With this in mind, the amount of work and dedication our legal team are doing behind the scenes in massive. This is why we need more people willing to help us.


Who do we need?

  • Arrestee Support (chat link)
  • Back office support
  • Lawyers/Barristers
  • Legal Observers (that don’t identify as activists)

If you would like to join the team and help then please contact the legal team:

Finance / Fundraising

As we grow so does the need for a team to help us set up crowdfunder/bank accounts and raise funds for the campaign.


If your interested in helping us do this as a volunteer then please email us on:

Regenerative Cultures

This is probably one of the most needed ways you could offer help to us right now!

Why? – Many activists currently are falling victim to burnout due to the relentless nature of HS2, perhaps living on a camp or working remotely day and night to support campaign.

Many activists are experiencing various ranges of trauma from things that have happened to them or their friends. Imagine baring witness to ecocide, and mass wild life crimes being committed every day up and down the line. It’s not for the faint hearted, that’s for sure.

So how can you help?

  • Do you have accommodation currently not being used that activists could use for regen?
    Offer this by filling in this form.
  • Can you provide free massages/treatments/therapy’s of some sort to activists?
  • Could you offer free meditation/yoga workshops to activists?
  • Would you like to facilitate Emotional Support/Listening circles/Women’s/Men’s circles/Grief workshops?
  • Would you like to help camps with creating regenerative warm spaces, do you have a yurt or bell tent, log burner, cushions or blankets to donate to a camp?
  • Do you own or know someone that owns a portable festival spa kit, and willing to visit the camps with it?

If so then please fill out this short form.

Watch this beautiful video to inspire you about why people are standing up to protect the trees!

Let’s stop HS2 together!
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Join us to stop the UK’s most environmentally destructive project.