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To get in contact with the political / parliamentary team, please get in contact with the email below.


Whistle Blowing

If you would like like to raise a concern about the corruption, unethical or illegal activities associated with HS2, please do get in contact with us. Your concern will be dealt with confidentially.

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Donate to Camps

You can support the activist on the ground by donating which will cover cost of actions, maintaining the camps, buying climbing equipment, etc.

Please note: The camp fundraisers are not managed by HS2 Rebellion. Each camp has a dedicated rep to has access to the crowdfunders.

Who are we?

HS2 Rebellion is an alliance of groups and individuals campaigning against HS2. HS2 Rebellion does not represent the protection camps and each camp is independent from each other. The protection camps have been around for many years and were originally set up by people from local communities who were affected by HS2. HS2 Rebellion is entirely distinct from Extinction Rebellion but does form part of the Movement of Movements.

Our Demands

  • TELL THE TRUTH – UK Government & Media must tell the true financial, ecological, wildlife and health related costs of both HS2 and the Climate, Ecological and Health Emergencies, whilst enforcing all related HS2 contractors to do the same.
  • ACT NOW: STOP HS2 UK Government to stop HS2 Ltd work immediately – stopping all ecocide, wildlife crime, seizing property & land, assaulting tree protectors and destruction of irreplaceable woodlands and other ecosystems in a time of a Climate and Ecological Emergency.
  • MAKE ECOCIDE LAW – UK Government to pass, within this sitting of parliament, an Ecocide Act and to vigorously push for the crime of Ecocide to be added to the Rome Statute, making it the fifth International Crime against Peace.
  • FUTURE DEMOCRACY – UK Government and HS2 Ltd to fund an urgent Citizens Assembly to decide how to best repair all ecological and social damage done to date by HS2 Ltd, funding all regenerative projects implemented in reparation. All future infrastructure projects to be decided by citizens’ assemblies, ensuring they all meet the Paris climate agreement, are science-led and advised by leading independent NGO’s.

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