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Take a stand against HS2’s route-wide injunction

HS2 are applying for a route-wide injunction which will criminalise anyone stepping foot on HS2 land and threaten them with imprisonment, seizure of assets and huge fines.

This could have numerous effects on the local community – whether you are opposing the project or not. For example:

Local people and community groups who walk on or near HS2 land could be subjected to intimidating behaviour from HS2 security who may threaten them with imprisonment.

Landowners whose land is being compulsory purchased by HS2, or those renting land off HS2, could be threatened with committal proceedings regarding disputes about land access.[1]

Those wishing to protest against HS2 will not be able to do so without the threat of imprisonment, large fines and seizure of assets.

HS2 is already a highly controversial project which has seen huge swathes of the countryside destroyed, numerous people evicted from their homes and businesses and billions of pounds spent on a project which many people feel does not meet the needs of the community.

HS2 already have unprecedented powers allowing them to compulsory purchase land. Now they are attempting to criminalise trespass on their land to stop local people from holding them to account for their wildlife crimes and illegal activities.

HS2 have tried to get away with not telling people about these injunction proceedings – hoping they will go under the radar and unchallenged. Even landowners whose land will be injuncted, and people whose access to their homes will be injuncted have not been informed.

We feel local people should be given the chance to respond to these proceedings and have their say as to why HS2 should not be given these sweeping and punitive powers.

You can get in touch to have your say in court and write a statement opposing HS2’s injunction.

We particularly want to hear from people who:

  • Are local to the HS2 project
  • Have engaged in protest against HS2
  • Are a landowner who has been affected by HS2 Have ever had dispute with HS2
  • Have witnessed wildlife crimes committed by HS2

Get in touch by emailing

Or message us on our Facebook page Bluebell Woods Protection Camp

We have until the 16th May to submit our evidence.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to approach writing a statement – we’ll guide you through the process.

Thank you so much for support Bluebell Woods Protection Camp.

You can donate to our fundraiser to help with legal costs here:

[1] For more info about HS2 and compulsory purchasing, see

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  1. Martin Sloman

    This is being presented as if it is something new and sinister. In fact, trespass on operational railway land is currently a criminal offence (as opposed to a civil offence if I set up my tent in my neighbour’s front garden). The only difference is that HS2 is not yet operational but does involve intense construction activity and so there is a legitimate reason to want to ensure that members of the public are kept outside the site boundaries.

    This restriction has clearly come about in response to the activities of HS2 Rebellion and other organisations who consider legitimate protest to be disrupting construction operations, damaging equipment and intimidating site workers. Nobody is saying that you can’t protest but obviously not on a working construction site.

    There may be disputes about site boundaries and people might accidently wander onto an HS2 site without realising (although that sounds unlikely). However, these issues need to be resolved through negotiation. It is not what we are talking about here.

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