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Wendover Active Resistance (WAR): A Vigil in Support of Our Tunnellers

4pm – 8pm  Saturday 6th November

 A413, London Rd, HP22 6PN just South of Wendover

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5 immensely brave and committed activists hold fast underground – the community they serve honours them.

Wendover Active Resistance (W.A.R.),  London Road, Wendover, HP22  6PN, 

– the HS2 protest camp on the outskirts of Wendover is still being evicted.  Saturday 6th November will mark DAY 28 of the eviction and DAY 21 of the subterranean holdfast.

The commitment of our Bradleys will be honoured by family, locals and colleagues in a vigil of light, the hope of a better space to be!

W.A.R. was established to protest the awful disaster that is HS2, and it’s dreadful scarring of Wendover, surrounding parishes and communities. 

  • The desecration of the AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) landscape.
  • The vanishing habitats.
  • The destruction of the aquifer.
  • The road and footpath closures.
  • The traumatisation of a community

 – none were asked for, none offer benefit, none approved by democracy, and every effort of the Parish Council and local campaign groups just swatted aside by a deaf Parliament … 5 miners for truth stand firm to tell the world that Wendover is no pushover.

For more information please contact Mark Keir 07591 924983

#WARagainstHS2  #StopHS2  #HS2R

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