Sat 12 April. Crackley camp itself has been fairly quiet, but we can hear chainsaw noise from Broadwells in the distance. You might have thought they would give it a rest on Easter Sunday but sadly not. Nonetheless, we’ve been happily getting on with plans—you’ll all know more tomorrow! Lots of training in the woods, tree climbing, etc.

There was a bit of a false alarm today at Broadwells. We thought they were going in for our treehouses, but it turned out the NET (National Eviction Team) were going in and taking down Jag’s treehouse and the walkways, which were in the injuncted area. He had been arrested on Saturday and is apparently still inside. We’re a little worried about him, but we’re sure it’s fine and must be due to Easter weekend.

Chainsaws have been going in the opposite of the woods, closest to the compound and the other roadway. They’ve been stripping the trees, taking off all the branches so they look like totem poles. Some of our treehouses are on uninjuncted land and we have said we need access to those, and NET are not complying.  It was pretty much business as usual for them today. But we have lots of fun and games planned for tomorrow… so watch this space!

Our camp is beautiful if you want to come along on your daily exercise to say hello. You can also support our work by donating to our fundraiser: Many thanks to the 194 people who have supported us already!

Below is a short video of us “feeding the treehouses”😊

Feeding the trees

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