Today was a good day. Karl came out of the jail cells. People had been waiting at the jail to collect him, but the police told them he was asleep and would be staying the night. However, they were lying; they then kicked him out at 1am in the morning with no money and no phone. Luckily, we got word of this and somebody went to pick him up. Jelly Bean has also been released. He has a really bad burn on his thumb where they cut him out of the thumbcuff. He didn’t get to see a doctor for 12 hours. They said he would see someone when he came down but they didn’t do that, nor did they even give him any water to soothe it. And Karl of course is here with his broken nose too. We’re really glad they are back at camp so can we can look after them. Everyone is back now.

It’s been a slow day in terms of action. There have been a few bulldozers and tree grabbers going in at the bottom of Crackley Woods. We have been taking lots of wildlife pictures: we found a new badger sett and birds’ nest inside, so we’ve taken photographs and sent them to their relevant places. Most people on this camp have now been bailed off HS2 land so we are taking it cautiously. We did camp stuff today and had a lovely meeting, discussing our camp and how we move forward, getting agreement on the day-to-day basics living together like washing up and rubbish and all that stuff. We did a skip run to Waitrose and found lots of cake and chocolate and other goodies. We are now sitting around playing music and planning our next strategy. A lot of people needed to do some regen. It’s a beautiful night.

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