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HS2 are unlawfully evicting WAR camp – Happening now

Sunday 10th October 2021

Wendover Active Resistance (WAR) camp is currently being evicted by HS2 unlawfully. Around a hundred bailiffs, HS2 security and a tunneling team entered the site at 6am this morning. The court was contacted on Friday for a necessary amendment to the Court Order, which was produced in violation of what was stated and agreed in Court. 

An activist known as Beaver said, “The court informed us that amendments could happen on Monday. HS2, Thames Valley Police and the National Eviction Team (NET) were all informed that their Court Order was currently invalid and that they would have to wait for a valid one. This has been ignored. Lawyers have been informed”.

There are tunnels, tree houses, a cage, and a 15m high tower on the site that the eviction team will need to get their heads round, all of which have peaceful protestors in.

Dan 57, known as ‘Swampy’, is currently in a tunnel at WAR Camp. He said, “Stop this madness. Stop HS2 now before it’s too late. The team has been preparing for this moment over the past two years, this is going to be a long eviction!” 

‘Swampy’ is one of the famous nine Euston tunnelers who last week were found not guilty on all counts in a massive landmark victory for the STOP HS2 campaign after a 31 day eviction in February this year. 

‘Satchel’, 31, also speaking from one of the tunnels said, “I’m here because this is more than stopping a train line. It’s the only effective way I can protest the new draconian Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill with anti-trespass laws and get ‘Pritti Facisict’s’ attention. This eviction should be a long one, as we aren’t planning on going anywhere soon. It could take them many weeks to remove us all”. 

Peaceful protestor Satchel was in the Jones Hill ‘Roald Dahl’ Wood eviction with Swampy in October 2020. Their cases were all dismissed with no case to answer


WAR camp has been in existence since January 2020 on council owned land by the A413 London Rd, Wendover HP22 6PN. Buckinghamshire County Council leased the land to HS2 Ltd based on wrongful and misleading information from HS2 security.

WAR camp has been a particular thorn in the side of HS2 Ltd. Now, through lies and deception they have obtained a lease to the land on which WAR camp stands. The land is beyond Limits of Land to be Acquired or Used as defined in the HS2 Act of Parliament 2017.

With their report, HS2 Ltd persuaded Buckinghamshire County Council that under s17 of the Crime and Disorder Act, they must lease the land to HS2, so that they could evict allegedly violent protestors. However, both the court and Buckinghamshire County Council have been provided with video evidence of incidents in the report which showed the protestors were victims of violence.

On Thursday 7th October, HS2 Ltd and Secretary of State for Transport lodged a possession order in the County Court and on the basis of having an ill-gotten lease won their order. The order was posted to WAR camp on Friday 8 October containing factual errors.

An activist said, “We believe HS2 Ltd, Thames Valley Police, and Buckinghamshire County Council are all complicit in perverting the course of justice. We have many questions that need to be answered”.

For further live information from the camp please contact 

Mark Keir outside WAR camp: 07591924983
Carolyne – Press Team: 07976374146
Swan – Press Team:  07459737446


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