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Demilitarise Education, Kill the Bill, and Stop HS2

Our education system is one of the most vital and valuable things we have. It’s where many of us begin our journeys, the setting for our growth, and gives us the social and educational grounding to progress.

The young generation going into universities now are so incredibly aware and motivated. It’s a great shame previous generations have left such a mess for them to solve.

They’re our future and also our present. But there’s a risk of them being miseducated and misled by vested interests within our education system, which is pushing our greatest hopes for the future down darker paths.

We are entering a time in human history when we are about to start suffering our greatest pain, as the impacts of climate change and its societal effects begin to be felt more strongly by all of us.

But instead of teaching people how to talk about these issues and giving us the skills and space we need to act on them, the system is trying to silence and disempower us.

From the new #KillTheBill policing powers, to what our children learn in school – and who is funding it, setting the curriculum, and defining what is a safe or positive school culture – these problems go all the way down through every area of society and affect all ages.

Rather than enabling us all to deal with the threats we’re facing, the government is trying to prevent us from talking about or identifying the problems. Issues are portrayed as divisive, complex, and “cultural”; rather than as unifying, specific, and solvable.

This is the moment when we need to start screaming, to use our voices to protest. We must not let ourselves be silenced. We can’t allow our education system to be corrupted, bought, sold, weaponized, and twisted. No society can thrive when the education of its youth is being funded and planned by the very worst aspects of society.

It is all one fight. And if we lose this, we will lose everything. We need to demilitarise education; we need more compassion; better and broader teaching; more learning (for all ages); safer spaces; support; transparency; peace; and sustainability.

“You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in history… Do not sit this one out.”

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