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Who are the NET?

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The National Eviction Team are protester, squatter and traveller removal experts!

Despite the name, it’s actually a private company though claiming disturbingly close links with the police.

This is what a quick research on their website says:

The National Eviction Team was formed in 1995 and is part of High Court Enforcement Group.

The National Eviction Team has dealt with, and continues to deal with more evictions of trespassers, unwanted environmental protesters and squatters than anyone else in the country. We have a very large workforce, enabling us to manage even the largest of environmental protests.

We consistently meet and exceed our deadlines to provide our clients with the safe and effective removal of trespassers and protesters and to ensure the security of the site afterwards to prevent recurrence.

This next bit really shocked me …

If it is likely that police support is required, we will arrange that on your behalf, agreeing with the police the number of officers who can be deployed, the timescales, the arrest policy and the primacy policy.

They also claim to work for the MoD:

The National Eviction Team works on numerous infrastructure projects where CPOs are in place (you can see some of the clients we have worked with) and is an approved supplier to the Ministry of Defence.

Their website offers a “Demonstrator Eviction Ebook” though you have to fill in a form—including “company name” to receive the link. Would anyone like to have a go? This is their website –

History of using violence

The NET (National Eviction Team) are known for assaults on activists, but when reported to the police, the police will not investigate it, or they will usually drop any further investigation.

Check this out, in October 2020, HS2 bailiffs were investigated for ‘breaking protester’s jaw’ while off duty.

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