HS2 Rebellion joins the XR September Rebellion

A group of people, protesting HS2. Placards say “108 ancient woodlands will be destroyed”, “£3,300 per taxpayer” and “Replant the seed, fuck high speed”.

Starting today, September 1st, activists from HS2 Rebellion and other groups against HS2 join the “We want to live!” Rebellion at Parliament Square demanding the UK government take the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) seriously and support the CEE bill.

They will be holding actions during the September Rebellion to highlight the ecological destruction caused by the contentious high speed rail project. HS2 is an act of ecocide: the most expensive and environmentally destructive infrastructure project in UK history. The government needs to listen to the people, halt wasteful and destructive projects, and act now to respond to the climate and ecological emergency.

Tree protectors will be on the ground, to answer questions about visiting protection camps along the HS2 line, to bear witness and protect ancient woodlands set for HS2 destruction this autumn.

On September 1st, Boris The Bank Engine will poke fun at the ridiculousness of the HS2 project in a visual and theatrical way. Led by Fat Controller Boris and wearing cardboard carriages as part of a huge moving train, activists will travel, linked at 2m distances, arriving at Parliament Square at midday. 

A beautiful tree in the latest tree protection camp in Euston Gardens. A sign on it reads “Save Ancient Forests #STOPHS2”.

In Euston Square Gardens, tree protectors have set up the latest tree protection camp to protect trees due to be felled by HS2 and raise awareness about the destructive train line, with NVDA trainings at both Parliament Square and Euston Square Gardens throughout the rebellion.

On 4th September, 12:30 – 2pm, at the “STOP ECOCIDE/HS2” rally at Parliament Square hear from speakers from the front line, fighting Ecocide projects happening here and now, all over the UK and around the world.

More info and photos to follow…
Telegram broadcast link https://t.me/hs2rebellion

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