Today was a bit of a domestic day. We’ve built another treehouse and put up a triangular platform to lay on. We spent the day reinforcing these and then welcoming back yesterday’s arrestees from magistrates court.

We set up a wildlife camera capture and we were quite excited to see a badger going into a sett which the wildlife officer had said was dormant (i.e. not being used). This was filmed and along with many other pieces of evidence will be sent off to Chris Packham’s legal appeal against the injunction which allowed HS2 work to continue. We are also still making sure the minimalist 10m exclusion zone that they are using for the badger setts are held, which includes works being done on top.  

Our camp is… it feels pretty good at the moment. We watched a film last night about early movements and how people came up against the oppression of the state.

We also had our first camp women’s meeting, which was amazing. The woman on camp came together, had a talk, shared stuff, and it was very powerful. Sometimes living in a camp in this kind of long-term protest situation can be quite macho. But being macho or domestic is just not an option in our new world that we are trying to live here.

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