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Truth Trail map - HS2

Join the Truth Trail!

From Saturday 26th June – Saturday 3rd July 2021 we will be joining our friends from Stop HS2 (North) to walk the Truth Trail. Beginning in Lichfield on the 26th and finishing a week later in Wigan, a wide range of concerned people from all walks of life will be following the proposed route of HS2 Phases 2a & 2b.
Everyone is welcome to join The Trail – for a week, a day, an evening meal, or just to say “Hi” when we’re passing through your town. The proposed route will take us through: Lichfield – Rugeley  – Stone – Swynnerton – Madeley – Crewe – Middlewich – Glazebrook – Wigan. With an option to extend to Manchester for those with the energy.

Please note: The exact route of the Truth Trail is still yet to be finalised. The maps and information below will be updated and more detail will be added to help you to meet up with us during our journey. When we walk we will also be using Telegram to keep you regularly updated with our location throughout the day. 

The focus of the Trail is very much on outreach and raising awareness. This is not a ‘spicy’ action. It will be an enjoyable, interactive and conversational walk through the English countryside, highlighted by activities and presentations in towns and cities that are due to be affected by HS2. 

This is your trail. It is enthusiastically open to everyone. Outreach events and parts of the trail are family friendly – please bring your children, they are the ones who will pay the true cost of HS2, until it is finally completed in 2040 – and beyond!

Daily walks are expected to be between 10-16 miles long, depending on the day, but need not be walked in full. Please keep in mind that there will be long days of walking involved, including difficult to access footpaths – however, the trail can be walked in parts. Please join it for as little, or as long as you can. The trail is designed to pass through public transport links as often as possible, some public transport options are listed below.


The Trail will provide a safe space for us all to share our thoughts, concerns and questions about HS2. There will be opportunities to learn from our experiences of the horrors of HS2 in the south, and to prepare to prevent the same injustice, destruction and ecocide happening in the north. We will also be reflecting and recording stories about the communities and green spaces HS2 intends to destroy.

Learning, conversation and collaboration will be delivered through a diverse week-long programme of talks, workshops, performance, art, music, dining and more. Creative outreach activities will be facilitated by the environmental arts group Undergrowth Collective. This will be an opportunity to collectively imagine a secure future for our families, homes, jobs, communities, wildlife and green spaces. Along the route we will be meeting up with other social and environmental groups, walking to emphasise that this issue is about far more than just a railway.


Please note: The route is subject to change. We have included an interactive map, which will give a fair indication of our direction of travel, with key points marked throughout the day. Depending on available footpaths etc. we may not always be able to keep to this exact route.


To register your interest, find out more, get involved in planning, or to volunteer ideas and participation in creative outreach opportunities, please click…/1FAIpQLSfC3reQ3BzkTw…/viewform

Telegram chat:


To donate to our fundraiser, which will help us to cover costs of food, outreach material and shelter:

Day 1

Saturday 26th June

Day 1: Lichfield – Great Haywood

Beginning from: 8.30 gather at Lichfield Cathedral, leave at 10.15

Midday break: Armitage, by the canal

Daytime outreach: Rugeley town centre 

Accommodation: Great Haywood canalside

Evening outreach: Great Haywood canalside

Public transport: Lichfield & Rugeley train stations. Buses only through Great Haywood.

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Day 2

Sunday 27th June

Day 2: Great Haywood – Bluebell Woods (Swynnerton)

Beginning from: Great Haywood canalside

Midday break: Canalside

Daytime outreach: Stone & Swynnerton

Accommodation: Swynnerton

Evening outreach: West of Stone, nearest public transport is bus from Swynnerton


Public transport: Stone train station. Buses only through Swynnerton.

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Day 3

Monday 28th June

Day 3: Bluebell Woods – Madeley

Beginning from: West of Stone

Midday break: Baldwin’s gate

Daytime outreach: West of Stone

Accommodation: Madeley

Evening outreach: Madeley 


Public transport: Buses through Baldwin’s Gate and Madeley to Crewe and Newcastle/Stoke

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Day 4

Tuesday 29th June – 

Day 4: Madeley – North Crewe

Beginning from: Madeley

Midday break: Crewe 

Daytime outreach: Crewe train station & centre

Accommodation: North of Crewe

Evening outreach: North of Crewe


Public transport: Buses through Madeley & train station at Crewe. Winsford station for the evening

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Day 5

Wednesday 30th June

Day 5: North Crewe – Tabley

Beginning from: North of Crewe/South of Winsford

Midday break: Middlewich (subject to change)

Daytime outreach: Northwich

Accommodation: near Tabley

Evening outreach: near Tabley 


Public transport: Winsford (to join in the morning)  & Lostock Gralam (afternoon/evening) train stations

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Day 6

Thursday 1st July

Day 6: Tabley – Glazebrook

Beginning from: near Tabley  

Midday break: Hoo Green 

Daytime outreach: Lymm / High Legh

Accommodation: Warburton 

Evening outreach: Near Warburton

Public transport: Glazebrook train station

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Day 7

Friday 2nd July

Day 7: Warburton – Culcheth

Beginning from: Near Warburton 

Midday break: Gorse Covert Mounds

Daytime outreach: Gorse Covert Mounds

Accommodation: Near Lowton 

Evening outreach: Culcheth


Public transport: Glazebrook & Birchwood train stations

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Day 8

Saturday 3rd July

Day 8: Lowton to Wigan

Beginning from: Near Lowton

Mid-morning break: Peter Kane Square Golborne & Band Stand

Arrive in Wigan: Midday

Daytime outreach and end of walking trail: Peter Kane Square Golborne & Wigan

Group of group march to Wigan city centre 2pm

Public transport: Buses through Lowton, Wigan train station


The walking Trail ends at Wigan


For those with the energy there is an exciting option to carry the StopHS2 message to Manchester to kickstart or reinvigorate the anti-HS2 campaign there. Let’s help the people of Manchester dispel the myth that HS2 is anything to do with “levelling up”.


Travel from Wigan to Manchester by train or car