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The aim of online actions is so we can collectively apply pressure on HS2 and it’s contractors.

Need any further convincing about why HS2 is so bad? Check out this excellent infographic from Stop HS2 and visit their website which is a trove of information.

If you would like to coordinate mass online actions, please sign up using this form.

1 – Social Media

Please follow @HS2rebellion on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn.

We’re asking people to 👍 / ❤️, share & comment on anything with the four hashtags:

#NHSnotHS2 #ShutTheSites #HS2Rebellion #StopHS2

This will enable our posts to get more engagement and reach a wider audience. Please also subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Want to make some posts/Tweets yourself? The images, accounts and hashtags you need are right here.

2 – Submit complaints to HS2

If you see anything that is not right, illegal, violence against members of public or wildlife crimes being committed by either HS2 Ltd or their contractors, please submit a complaint to HS2 Ltd immediately.

It is essential for complaints to be submitted even if you think someone else has already done it. Visit for more information.

Freephone: 08081 434 434
HS2 Complaints Form

HS2 Ltd should acknowledge your complaint within two days. Once it is submitted and if HS2 fail to respond in “a reasonable time” then you can escalate your complaint to the office of the Construction Commissioner: – The construction Commissioner is independent of HS2 and he would be able to escalate matters further.

If you are on the ground and witness member of public being assaulted please ring the police on 999.

3 – Contact the politicians!

Our politicians have the power to end this HS2 nightmare. Get in touch and ask (nicely) what they are doing about it! Here’s the document with who to contact, talking points, example letters and a petition.

Visit this page for a template for emailing your MP –

4 – Contact the employees!

You can contact the employees that work for HS2 Ltd and their contractors by searching for the company’s name on LinkedIn, go to the ‘People’ tab, connect with the staff, and drop them a message.

5 – Contact the contractors

The contractors are prioritising their project ahead of people’s lives.

Use this step-by-step guide to contact contractors and ask them to stop their Risky Business.

6 – Ask a question directly!!!

We can now question why the government is carrying on with HS2 despite being in a climate emergency through an ‘official’ channel. An independent polling organisation selects the question to put to the press briefings – this is a great opportunity as the government is not involved in the selection process! 

Submit your question directly to the government here! 

7 – Mass commenting on minister briefings

We’re coordinating a mass commenting effort on the daily press briefings given by UK Ministers which are hosted on Facebook. We’re going to raise the alarm and ask why HS2’s Risky Business is going ahead during a pandemic.

Here is a useful easy to follow guide on how to take part in mass commenting. 

We’re going to stop HS2. Let’s keep the pressure on!

If you have some handy tips or feedback on how you’ve managed to get the message through, please email

The HS2 Rebellion Team ❤️