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The latest piece of HS2 insanity | Blog Post

Author: Clive Higgins
Date: 20.05.2021

Let’s give due credit to the creators of this latest piece of HS2 insanity. In the spirit of Franz Kafka and Joseph Heller, the intellectual midgets from Fusion are trying their hands at “badger mitigation”.

Within their contractual mission to clear huge swathes of the countryside – half a million trees and shrubs destroyed locally so far – they have to deal with an existing badger sett in the embankment of the local Addison Road bridge. Been there for decades.

Initially, in 2020, they tried impenetrable fencing which drove many badgers to their death on the road. But as is the way with badgers, more moved in. So they built an artificial badger sett. The badgers ignored it.

So earlier this year they siezed a bit more of our land and built, yes, another artificial badger sett. Hold in your head the fact that between the existing badger sett in the Addison Road bridge and the new artificial sett is 234 metres of clear open land entirely within the temorary possession of HS2 / FusionStraight line, open grass land, if badgers had better eyesight they could see it. To encourage the nocturnal badgers to use the artificial sett they flood lit it from dusk to dawn.

An yes you guessed, clever things that you are, no badgers went anywhere near the new sett.

So they created baited badger traps – no not capture & kill – but to, they prayed produce a picture of a badger near their bright new artificial sett. No that didn’t work either So the latest wheeze in Fusions desperation to get a photograph of a badger, any badger, near their artificial sett, is to hack “badger gates” – not gates as such just 500mm square holes hacked in the fence – in the demarcation fencing between HS2 /Fusions compound and Rosehill.

The only logical purpose for these gates is to lure badgers from the wider Rosehill and Claydon Estates land into the HS2 / Fusion compound, there are numerous camera traps positioned so that once a picture has been taken it can be used to justify the blocking off of the old setts in the Addison road bridge – “No badgers ‘ere mate they have all moved over there”.

All projects, particularly those predicated on a tissue of lies, of course, need their “useful idiots” who are “just following orders”.

So in addition to the collusion of Natural England, here is an extract from a note sent by one of Fusions finest:
“As part of the ecological demands of the project, a badger sett has been placed within this land parcel. In order to facilitate the movement of badgers into the badger sett, openings are being created in the fence line to allow the badgers access”

Err the badgers are already on your side of the fence, just behind you in fact in a straight line 234 meters away, across empty land entirely in your control.

Truly a fitting tribute to the terms, Kafkaesque or Catch 22.

I am working on a training method to enable our sheep, lambs, Thai Ridgeback, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks to visualize what 1 meter looks like. I will get back to you on the success of that process.

21st May Update:

As it’s grey and wet I thought you would enjoy the latest thrilling episode in “How Not to Do Badger Mitigation” in which HS2 and Fusion seek to resurrect the old English tradition of farce.

Today, 21 May 2021, has seen the erection of 6 sets of barrier fencing each 1 meter inside the HS2 possessed the land, each carrying a sign warning not to come within a metre – err no we can’t there is a fence in the way and of course, each festooned with cameras which the HS2 Fusion approved supplier Envision IS describe as an “intelligent solution” Well that’s one way to describe it, although not quite the one I had in mind.

What’s particularly disappointing is that a year ago we offered to place an artificial badger sett in the adjacent Poors Piece Ancient wood where it would have worked. But of course, the HS2 and Fusion supply chain would not have been able to charge the eye-watering number of £1,000’s that this futile charade is costing you the taxpayer.

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