You are currently viewing Eviction of the ‘Roald Dahl’ Wood by HS2 is imminent.

Eviction of the ‘Roald Dahl’ Wood by HS2 is imminent.

Eviction of ‘Roald Dahl’ Wood by HS2 is imminent.

Tree protectors have been told on good authority that Jones Hill Wood, the inspiration for Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox, will be evicted at 1.30am on Friday 12 March. In less than 12 hours’ time.

There has been a camp at the wood for a year, and in October occupants of tree houses, including Swampy, were evicted from the end of the wood that HS2 now owns.

Since then, tree protectors have remained in the end of the wood still owned by the Liberty family (Liberty’s of London), but now they have been told they will be evicted too.

HS2 want the campaigners out of the way because they have raised £20,000 towards a legal injunction, to challenge the company’s failure to conduct adequate surveys and obtain the necessary licences. This cannot be served until HS2 start to cut down the trees. If the campaigners can’t get anywhere near the wood they won’t be able to observe HS2’s actions.

For more information please contact: Carolyne Culver on 07976 374146 or Mark Kier on 07591 9249832

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