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Kenilworth Greenway Destroyed by HS2

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Author: Bradley

HS2 has destroyed a large section of the Kenilworth Greenway to begin construction of a tunnel at Burton Green. HS2 had taken possession of the greenway in September 2020.

The Greenway, although not green anymore, is located in Warwickshire at the heart of the Midlands and provided opportunities for enthusiasts from all sections of society, including walkers, athletes, cyclists, horse riders, educationalists, life scientists, geologists and industrial archaeologists.

The greenway was enjoyed by many from the local communities, and rich in wildlife. Seeing bats during the evening on the greenway was a common site. You can read more about The Greenway’s ecology here.

The images below taken on 1st December 2020, shows the Greenway cleared of trees and vegetation, which has now resulted in an empty barren landscape.

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