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Tales from the Trees & Tracks

Hi, my name is Grace (@dobson95). I found out about the monstrosities of HS2 through XR Youth & was so horrified by how many ancient woodlands will be taken needlessly.

I am here today to try and stop the government and big corporations from displacing both humans and nonhumans from their homes. They are destroying ecosystems, which are necessary for our survival. I’ve come to realise that WE are nature instead of a separate entity. 🌏

Being a part of this campaign has furthered my development, i am more open, more confident, more willing to stick up for the things I believe in. I am more conscious of what I consume & what I do with my time – specifically the use of my phone. Although I use social media in a positive way to educate others (when I’m not on the streets protesting). 🌿

The thing I find most challenging is the harassment by HS2 security, even when you know you are doing what’s best for them and the whole world they still get to you… filling you with anger and slight fear. HS2 grabbed my friend whilst protesting and threw her on the ground when trying to move her on, she’s only 18! I’m scared of arrest, especially as I’m a young, black woman – the thought of being arrested terrifies me. I do not trust the police, I never have and the interactions I’ve had with police near HS2 sites does not fill me with joy. 😔

Please join us at the HS2 camps, there are big personalities at the camps but don’t feel intimidated. Everyone is so lovely and hold similar interest, goals and ideologies! 💚

Series by @naturegaard 🌲

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