Verdict on HS2’s move to imprison young protester, reserved until September

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HS2 Rebellion and the many friends who gathered in support Birmingham High Court today are very glad to have Elliott Cuciurean (Jellytot) safely out following a two day hearing during which Mr Justice Smith heard testimony from several witnesses.

The judge has reserved his decision, on whether HS2 and The Transport Secretary will be granted their application to send Jellytot to prison, until September.

Solicitors for each side will make their submissions after the court’s summer recess which may require a further day in court and then a separate sentencing hearing. Date to be confirmed.

During proceedings when referring to one of the alleged breaches of injunction where Mr Cuciurean had climbed atop a mechanical tree grabber that protestors refer to as “climate changers” Mr Justice Smith said “This looks really quite dangerous – you really feel that strongly about preventing HS2 that you put yourself in physical danger?”

“Yes” replies Jellytot “I didn’t think about the danger I just thought ‘this machine is going to cut down trees so I will do what I can to stop it.”

Given the news we hear today about the rejection of Chris Packham’s Appeal by the High Court, Jellytot is one of many young protesters left with seemingly little option but peaceful direct action when faced with huge corporations like HS2 and a Government, who are reluctant to act meaningfully upon the evidence of the climate and ecological emergency.

HS2 Rebellion condemn this draconian move targeting a conscientious protector for protecting irreplaceable ancient woodland, whilst HS2 continues their destruction with disregard for environmental laws and the government ignores increasing public outcry to stop the contentious rail project.

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