It’s been a really slow day as in there was no HS2 work opposite us. We were able to put triangles of wood up in the trees with a netting in the middle of them. And we have got two new people up there so there are 5 up in the trees tonight. We’ve taken some to the mountain to do some climbing training.

We went shopping for vegetables and found some good supplies of different things. The solar panels arrive today as well so we can start putting some of it together, and we got more on the way tomorrow so we can start being more self-sufficient as well. And then thinking and planning our next move.

We rely on donations from the public to keep up this vital work. It is very difficult in this covid19 lockdown and we would be very grateful if you could support us with whatever you can afford to give.

You can also help from home by joining our online ‘Risky Business‘ campaign.

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