Everyone is now out of the trees and many of us released from jail, although Jelly Bean is still in. He jumped on top of a digger and thumbcuffed himself to it.

We received bad news when we got back to camp. There was a big betrayal from the National Evictions Team (NET) who tricked Karl out of his treehouse and violently evicted him. He was punched in the face and his nose was broken. We managed to get this on film. The bailiffs said he did them harm by kicking them and spitting blood on them, but we have evidence which shows otherwise. This has been shared with our media team and will be brought to court. After having made assurances he would not be arrested, the NET handed him over to the police, who promptly arrested him anyway. The charge is unclear but it has something to do with assault or bodily harm.

Camp is lovely tonight. It is peaceful. We are playing music and trying to calm down. And we all had some pizza to make us feel better.

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