Today was rather eventful! I got up and was arrested by 9am for breaking bail conditions. There were 3 police vans up and down the road in Crackly, all of them targeting us. We passed them once and said we were on daily exercise, and when we came back we were bundled into the vans. We were arrested on the bail conditions as well as also for breaking Covid-19 regulations. Just as we got arrested we saw Badger come down from his tree in Broadwells. Jimmy was up a tree and locked on and wasn’t brought down until much later.

There are more trees being cut in Crackely, so the bulldozers were there. We had some further arrests under section 10 for bulldozer diving. If just one person is out on the digging site, all work is forced to stop until they are removed, so this kind of disruption is really important.

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