All quiet on the Crackley front– not many trees went down yesterday. They spent most of the day chipping the big ones that they already felled. There are no more treehouses in Crackley. We have 2 well-stocked treehouses up in Broadwell wood which are still holding out. One of our tree protectors came down from there and was arrested today.  

It’s pretty quiet on this warm sunny day. No movement on the ground from any bulldozers or earthmovers. We are mostly sorting out the camp and preparing for the future. Our camp is slightly growing, which is very welcome. We are focussing on training and regen. There was an amazing thunderstorm which passed through in the evening; lots of thunder and lightning. The bluebells had been looking a little frail and the rain has really helped them perk back up.

We are so grateful for the enormous support we have received from rebels! It has allowed us to establish a welcoming and comfortable camp and to get the equipment we need to continue disrupting HS2 destruction. If you are unable to come and join us, please consider donating even small amount to our fundraiser:

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