We’ve had a regenerative day building the camp. We spent time getting supplies and getting the equipment we need to actually run this camp and be and to be able to invite other people here. We also focussed on healing ourselves; we got a visit from a homoeopath who taught us many things and left us a homoeopathic chest with us. Amazing woman. We’re only just starting to acknowledge all of our wounds and the healing we need.

We blared music in the camp to drown out the noise next door [of the Crackley Woods trees being felled]. About 2pm we went to Broadwells Wood to check out the 3 treehouses there. They are fine. There have been chainsaws in Broadwells but only cutting down the smaller trees that don’t have bats in them. It’s still horrific, but they are the far side where their compound is. So we could very easily get inside the greenways, access the tree houses and throw a bag up. It went well. We walked across the uninjuncted bit of woodland which was great.

The Covid-19 police were out tonight and they tried to intercept us. This morning I asked Green and Black Cross if we could have some remote legal training via screen with a Q&A.

It’s been a great day, a lovely day and a day of getting ourselves together as well.

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